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My Exhibitionst Wife

To say my ex was an exhibitionist is an understatement. She loved to be naked and show off her body. Let me describe how she looked at the time. She was 5’5, in her early twenties with long blond hair. She had 34D boobs with no sag. They were about as close to perfect as you could get. With a bubble butt that could drive men crazy,  Chris was a model specializing in swimwear and nude modeling.

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Call Me Pixie: Part One

  I was bored. Usually, when I was away helping organise an event, at least one other member of the team would be with me, often Seb, who was gayer than the Gay Gordons. But he passed muster for a male companion in the hotel, which kept predatory men at bay. I was lesbian through and through, but that never stopped men thinking I was in need of their comany. Short of wearing a tee-shirt

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Daddy's Little Girl

Daddy’s Little Girl… Loves to play and tease  She gets him hard and horny  Anything just to please  Daddy’s Little Girl… Across the bed, she lies  Legs spread open wide So he can see his prize  Daddy’s Little Girl… Likes to lick his lolli Up, down and all around  He’s really feeling jolly Daddy’s Little Girl… Gets on her knees  Ass up head down  Anxious to please  Daddy’s

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Dark Desire

On my back, waiting in darkness, Wrists and ankles locked in leather cuffs, Arms and legs spread wide. Faint footfalls, my limbs drawn tight. Unseen fingers running Lightly over my body, Sublime kisses bestowed In delicate locales, just enough to arouse. Grazes generating electric thrills, My heat building, my juice oozing, I begin writhing, limited by fetters; My need beginning to overwhelm.

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Body Politic – 7

Part 7 Unlike the American President, British Prime Ministers do not have their own aircraft. That is a bit of a pain for her security but somehow it all seems to work. The black Jaguar led a small convoy as it swept across the tarmac at London’s Heathrow Airport and stopped at the bottom of a flight of steps leading up to a British Airways 747. Sylvia Tenant and her entourage, including

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Larry Nassar is Back in Court, Where More Than 60 Women Are Scheduled to Speak

Larry Nassar is back in court for a second case in Eaton County, Michigan where he’s being sentenced after pleading guilty to abusing three women at the Tristars Gym.

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‘Riverdale’ Season 2 Episode 12 Recap: Web Cams, Catholics, and Carnage

Tonight’s ‘Riverdale’ episode was a doozy: Veronica had her communion, Betty started cam-ing, and one of my favorite characters killed someone.

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Emma Stone Just Got a Perm and Documented the Whole Thing

Emma Stone is the latest celebrity to undergo a major hair transformation. Here are all the details on Emma Stone’s perm.

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Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer Both Think a ‘Friends’ Reunion Movie Would Just Be ‘Sad’

Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffay on Friends, tells Conan O’Brien that a Friends reunion is never going to happen.

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Will Have a ‘Groundbreaking’ Transgender Storyline This Season

Grey’s Anatomy will have a ‘groundbreaking’ new storyline this season starring Candis Cayne, who you might recognize from ‘Transparent’ and ‘I Am Cait.’

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