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Too Good

She was thinking of Marco again. Nike sighed. Leaning forward in her seat, she tried to engage in the buzzing restaurant table conversation but her mind kept wandering. She felt restless and exhausted all at once. She hadn’t slept properly for weeks; suffering from the kind of insomnia she’d usually get during the first few days of a vacation. But she wasn’t on vacation. Not anymore. Monaco

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Lost But Never Forgotten

Like Autumn Leaves My tears fall to the stoney ground. Your picture shivers in my hand  And I find myself smiling, Awkwardly at first, But seconds later with reverie. My mind floods with memories Of times gone by, Of laughter and joy, And of those tender moments That remain hidden between lovers. The arguments concealed forever  Like they have been for the last ten, years. I look on your

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Laying gently as the moon swoons to an eclipse As my breath echoes a silence of my lips, In dreams of dreams, of our youth and lust, When we were but snuggle-ups. And now that the sands script our time, With the climbing vines of our sweet thyme, Give meaning to the herbal chime. As we ascend a circular staircase, Of memories sublime at our bedtime, When we were but snuggle-ups.  

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Propositioning The Babysitter

Jack Niles was married for the last twenty years.  He and his wife were best friends.  They were each other’s soul mates.  They had a healthy sexual relationship and pleased one another.  Jack also had secret desires which he didn’t share with his wife. Jack was obsessed with breasts.  His wife had a small chest.  He begged her to get implants, however she was scared about her health. 

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To Russia with lust: chapter ten

‘Ah, at last, the Pixie awakes!’ I had that groggy feeling that you get when you are overtired and then finally fall asleep for a few hours. Sarah was looking lovingly at me. ‘Darling, you did so well last night while we all rested, I am so glad that you managed to rest at last.’ She kissed me and pulled me into her arms. That was all the reward I wanted. I looked around. Jay Dempster

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4 Ways to Wear Hair Accessories That Aren’t Boring as Hell

Hair accessories are back and prettier than ever, but with price tags also rising, these DIY solutions are a cunning loophole.

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Michelle Wolf: ‘I Wouldn’t Change a Single Word’ of WHCD Speech

Comedian Michelle Wolf has come under scrutiny following her White House Correspondent’s dinner speech, but says she wouldn’t change a single word.

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Sustainable Fashion: Ethical Writers & Creatives Is Working to Make the Influencer Industry More Ethical

The Ethical Writers & Creatives group is working to make the influencer industry more ethical and sustainable across categories, from fashion to travel.

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Claire Foy Is Reportedly Getting $275,000 in Back Pay for ‘The Crown’

Claire Foy is being paid back-pay for her work on ‘The Crown’ after it was revealed that she made significantly than her costar Matt Smith.

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Allison Lou Loucite Hoops Are Perfect for Spring

Allison Lou launched ‘Loucite’ hoops, with the smallest version starting at $125, the medium at $145 and the large at $165.

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